Is your documentation up to date?

Whenever something changes on your web application, it is really painful to update all the screenshot and videos you've included in your documentation. Instead of helping your users, outdated documentation will confuse your users.

WalkHub automatically tests if your documentation is still up to date. You can even make it automatically regenerate all your screenshots in your documentation when you update your site.

Are you testing all your features?

Testing is a fairly technical job that requires a developer. On top of that, on most projects, tests are stored as code in a repository. As a result tests are inaccessible for anyone without a strong technical background, including most project managers.

A Walkthrough starts as a test recorded with Selenium IDE. Something that requires minimal technical knowledge to produce. Verifying test coverage on WalkHub is easy: you can check the steps visually in the screening widget or play the Walkthrough.

Do you like giving demos?

Developers don't like demos: you loose days waiting until agendas fit and spend hours preparing. Demos easily fail and sometimes need to be repeated. But worst of all at the end of the process you have nothing to show for all that work.

On WalkHub a demo is a guided Walkthrough that runs on top of a site. Through commenting it's possible to automate the feedback and sign off process. Your Demo Walkthroughs can be reused for testing and documentation.